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2000 N. Oakwood

Muncie, Indiana 47304
















  •              Teacher and performer of piano                                                                                                   2007

                    University of Szeged School of Music

                    off – site training of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music 






  •             Ball State University, Muncie, United States

                   Piano Artist Diploma program                                                                                    degree in progress



  •             University of Szeged School of Music, Hungary                                                          2002-2007                   

                   Program: Master of music of piano                                            







  •             Artist Diploma

                   Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, USA                                                               degree in progress



  •             Master of Music Performance and Teaching                                                                                 2007

                   University of Szeged School of Music  

                   off – site training of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music










  •             Recital with Ferenc Szecsődi in Szeged and Budapest, Hungary                                                 2012

  •             Piano solo recital at Kecskemét, Cegléd, and Békéscsaba, Hungary                                           2011

  •             Recital in Hungarian Multicultural center in Dallas, USA                                                               2011

  •             Composer Recital Jokai Theater in Bekescsaba, Hungary                                                             2008

  •             Piano solo recital in Nákó Castle Nagyszentmiklos, Romania                                                      2007









  •             Kodály  Philharmonic Orchestra, Debrecen                                                                                    2012   

  •             Bekes County Symphony Orchestra                                                                                                 2011

  •             Bekes County String Orchestra                                                                                              2008, 2010











  •            Scholarship of Art City of Szeged                                                                                                      2012

  •            Memory Plaque for the 200th Anniversary of his Birth, City of Szeged                                     2011

  •            Audience Award Dung Dot movie score, Fukuoka, Japan                                                             2009

  •            University Council Award, University of Szeged                                                                             2008

  •            Discipuli Pro Universitate Award                                                                                                      2007

  •            Special Award, Bela Bartok International Piano Competition, Szeged                                       2006

  •            Winner, Bela Bartok National Piano Competition, Debrecen                                                      2005

  •            Special Award, Bela Bartok International Piano Competition, Szeged                                       2004

  •            Winner , Sergei Rachmaninov National Piano Competition, Debrecen                                     2003

  •            Special Award, Bela Bartok National Composer Competition, Budapest                                  2002

  •            Second Prize, National Piano Competition Secondary Schools in Hungary                              2001

  •            Second Prize, National Piano Competition Elementary School in Hungary                              1998

  •            Winner, Bekes county Piano Competition, Békéscsaba                                                               1997

  •            Second Prize, Bekes county Piano Competition, Csorvás                                                            1996










  •             Graduate Assistanship at Ball State University                                                                   2013 - present



  •             Piano teacher and accompanist

                   University of Szeged School of Music                                                                                   2007-2013


  •             Piano teacher

                    Pro Musica Elementary Music School of Szeged, Hungary                                               2009-2011


  •             Piano teacher

                   Elementary Music School of Gyula, Hungary                                                                       2007-2009







  •             Master classes with Peter Folrian                                                                                                   2007

  •             Master classes with Andras Schiff                                                                                                   2005 

  •             Master classes with Volkmar Lehmann                                                                                         1999 

  •             Master classes with Endre Hegedűs                                                                                               1997     

  •             Master classes with Dina Yoffe                                                                                                        2014






  •             Humoresque for three flutes

                   Neuma Music Edition Budapest, Hungary                                                                                      2012


  •             Rapsodia for three flutes

                   Neuma Music Edition Budapest Hungary                                                                                      2012


  •             Rondino for harpsichord

                   Neuma Music Edition Budapest, Hungary                                                                                     2012


  •             Hommage a concerto grosso for children choir and two harps                     

                   Neuma Music Edition Budapest, Hungary                                                                                      2013


  •             Scherzo for violin and piano                                                                       

                   Neuma Music Edition Budapest, Hungary                                                                                      2013

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